Music Highlights #21

“The Comfort of Falling” by Jewelia
London-based artist, Jewelia, has created a wonderful chilled-pop / alt-folk gem that showcases magnificent vocals which, we believe, listeners will agree are rich and carry a lot of musical depth, thereby giving this song a genuine charm that will make it a memorable listen. We’re particularly fond of the vocal harmonies that are tastefully layered and find that these parts are further complimented by the delicate piano lines that work perfectly with the bright acoustic guitar. A thoroughly superb song.
Jewelia: Facebook | Instagram

“Fire” by Laura Lizcano
A magical jazz-influenced, ‘bluesy lounge’ song that exudes soul. Laura’s vocals are truly fabulous throughout. With warm keyboard lines creating a sultry melodic foundation on which to build, the listener is quickly enticed into paying full attention to this slow-burner and will find themselves lingering on each syllable as they daydream to the song, inevitably picturing themselves in a smoky jazz bar. An utterly wonderful gem.
Laura Lizcano: Facebook | Instagram

“Over and Over” by Pecq
We’ve been fans of Pecq ever since we first heard their music, though we’ve recently revisited their music and have honed in on this song as a particular favourite. The song exhibits incredible production quality, heavenly vocals, and fantastic lyrics that work perfectly with the music – a particularly highlight comes around halfway with the line “catch a train; move away; change your last name” which continues to ring in our ears. A real gem of a song with a great video too.
Pecq: Facebook | Instagram

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