Partners & Projects

City To City Tour Collective

Founded by independent promoters – Pillar Artists, Softlad Promotions, and Timeless Music Promotions – and operating between the cities of Glasgow, Liverpool, and Newcastle upon Tyne, the City To City Tour Collective exists to offer artists an ethical & sustainable tour model, thus providing a path for artists to grow & progress in their musical endeavours.
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Northern Music Collective

The NMC aims to support the North East music scene, both at regional and city scales, by improving communication and facilitating cooperation between individuals and organisations working in music. Additionally, the NMC hopes to offer encouragement and support to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.
NMC: Facebook & Website

Rebel Rose

A jointly-run, independent label based in Newcastle upon Tyne that offers music PR, artist advice & strategy consultancy, and management.
Rebel Rose: Facebook & Website