Play A Gig

Artists looking to play live can contact us using the form below. Please fill in all boxes and, when
We work closely with the independent music venue Mosaic Tap which, due to its size & atmosphere, suits some genres & styles more so than others. We therefore recommend that you attend a gig here so that you can understand the musical direction of both the venue and our tastes.

We are unique as gig promoters because we pay all artists that play a show with us and, going the extra mile, we also provide a completely free service of either:
– The creation of a professional tech spec & stage plot in a pdf format for future use.
– An artist advice & consultation session (usually 60-90 minutes).
– A 10% discount for one of our music PR campaigns.

We’re driven by passion, not profit. This is why 100% of gig ticket sales go directly to the artists.

Additionally, we work with Musicians Against Homelessness to raise money for the charity Crisis (registered charity numbers: England & Wales 1082947 / Scotland SC040094). We have a donation bucket at each gig so attendees can donate to the charity if they wish.