If you’re reaching out to us for: blog consideration, pitching your music to our playlists and/or submitting music for label consideration – please note that we receive a lot of emails every day and that whilst we endeavour to read and reply to every email, this is not always humanly possible to do.

In order to streamline these specific enquiries, we work with One Submit. This site gives you the opportunity to submit your music to us directly – we can guarantee that we’ll listen to your music, read your pitch, offer advice/feedback, and will consider your music for our blog, playlists, and label. This does not, however, guarantee that your music will be a fit for our tastes though – you will receive honest feedback along with either a song approval or decline.

Send us your music for consideration via:
Label Submission | Our Blog | Pillar Playlist | Pop Playlist | Rock & Metal Playlist

For anything else, you can email us at or follow us on: