Music Highlights #20

“Stick Around” by Jacob Humber
This is the opening song of Jacob’s debut album (titled ‘Kodiak’) and makes a lasting impression very quickly. The sublime production quality and dreamy chilled folk-pop style works perfectly as a calming song that fits into the winter vibes very well. Furthermore, with its cinematic feeling, we can imagine this being used for an atmospheric part of a film or series. We’re fans and are sure you will be too very quickly after listening to this gem.
Jacob Humber: Facebook | Instagram

“One Horse Town” by Sandra’s Wedding
A charismatic guitar hook opens this song spectacularly and could draw comparisons to the likes of R.E.M, specifically the song “Fire”. Powerful lead vocals quickly join and deliver a performance that utilises both melody and emotion to create a memorable song that will stay in your head for days. The icing on the cake is the way in which the song progresses with an uplifting energy and carries an anthemic sound that will make this song a particularly joy to experience in a live setting.
Sandra’s Wedding: Facebook | Instagram

“Cure” by Jenson Tagg
We have a modern classic from Jenson Tagg that draws influence from the ’60s and ’70s pop-rock greats of The Beatles, Bowie, and Bob Dylan heard in both the songwriting and the mix, particularly with the combination of direct, minimally-treated vocals (that sound naturally great) and the tasteful organ, which might even nod, to some degree, to the likes of The Stranglers, sonically speaking. A strong song that demonstrates both creativity and talented songwriting.
Jenson Tagg: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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