Music Highlights #22

“All That You Are” by Sleep In Motion
A melodically rich song that uses heavenly open chords to create an atmospheric song that reaches an anthemic stature without losing sight of the melodic end goal.
The bright acoustic guitar lays a foundation for the strong, though controlled, vocals to then build on. The combination of a great mix and superb production quality results in a well-polished sound with the vocals deftly balanced with the instrumentation meaning that the emotion is conveyed perfectly to the listener.
Sleep In Motion: Facebook & Instagram

“Gaslight” by Le Spectre & Lewca
This is a fantastic electro-punk song that delivers no-nonsense, direct lyrics that are painfully true and relevant, and calls the UK government by the names that it should be. The vocals are delivered with a snarly attitude and, with the video footage showing civil unrest and political turmoil in the UK, makes for a great combination. A solid song with a big chorus and anthemic chorus that truly helps to vent the listener’s anger at the criminals that are sitting in parliament.
Le Spectre: Facebook & Spotify
Lewca: Facebook & Spotify

“A New World” by Marisa Petraglia
Marisa’s magnificent vocals have a soulful sound that work superbly with the instrumentation to deliver a wonderful modern-jazz song that is smooth on the ears and optimistic in style. The video does well with contrasting night and day shots to create a simple, though elegant, video that gives the song a visual narrative without distracting the listener/viewer from the song.
Marisa Petraglia: Facebook & Spotify

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