“Amer” by Chiara Foschiani

We’re existing fans of Chiara’s sound and are always thrilled when we learn of new music being released by her. The latest single -“Amer” – is the first release from Chiara of 2022, and hints at another great year ahead for Chiara and her fast-growing discography.

Beautiful piano melodies open the song, starting tentatively before being joined by the vocals and gradually growing in stature, with full-bodied piano chords adding both weight and rhythm to the song. Chiara’s vocals stay true to her sound and cut through the mix, delivering her crystal clear voice in spectacular fashion; there’s a certain emotion and power that Chiara has and an ability to connect directly to the listener. What we particularly admire is that, regardless of the song being largely sung in French, we’re held utterly captivated by the dramatic style and feel moved each time we listen.

Speaking about the song “Amer”, Chiara says: “It’s an introspective track that talks about loneliness, questions about a society that wants to format everything, that wants us to believe that we can say anything in any way, but that censors everything. A song which reveals a little more my personality and my taste for the sometimes surprising agreements, a rather dark and melancholic pop“.

Another wonderful song by an artist that is full of talent and appears to be on unstoppable upward trajectory.

Chiara Foschiani: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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