“I Can See a Face” by Eve Simpson

Hailing from the north east, though based around Edinburgh, Eve Simpson has a musical sound and identity that is recognisable and awe inspiring; her clear-cutting voice is filled with emotion and character which, when placed alongside acoustic guitar and fiddle melodies, results in a hauntingly beautiful modern folk sound that will leave a lasting impression upon any listener, regardless of whether that be through live performance or recorded medium.

With this song in particular, Eve demonstrates her talent for writing powerfully honest lyrics that deliver a captivating narrative whilst also showing her studio creativity that combines piano, fiddle, percussion, guitar and, of course, a variety of vocal layers. This sonic tapestry delivers a rich and full sound that will delight the ears of any music fan as the various melodies caress your senses and invite you further and further into the song as it slowly but surely blossoms as it progresses towards its end.

A fantastic debut single that will introduce many new fans to Eve’s music and will likely provide the foundation on which Eve’s future discography will grow confidently upon.

Eve Simpson: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify || Original Photo Credit: India Hunkin

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