“Cigarette” by Charles Like The Prince

Dream-pop vibes flow in abundance throughout this gem, courtesy of the healthy dose of reverb and chilled tempo that gives the song an a weightless feel that floats right into your ears and soothes your soul.

In terms of the video, Charles Like The Prince has given the visuals a dark theme for most of the first half of the video, playing into the live gig, nightclub ideas. Later this is then contrasted with the brighter, sunnier visuals that then fit more in line with the breezy nature of the song, though the contrast works well to emphasise this transition. The lo-fi video suits the hazy music very well, with each supporting the other.

As the second single release from Charles Like The Prince, “Cigarette” paves the way for the forthcoming 5-song EP, due for release in Spring this year, meaning that we can expect Charles Like The Prince’s discography to be growing solidly over the next few months.

Charles Like The Prince: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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