“The World In Which They Play” by Teddy Clarke

A powerful song full of personality and melodically-rich, this gem represents a creative and catchy song whilst simultaneously delivering a poignant and relevant message for us to all to take note of.

Opening with bright xylophone melodies, and supported by piano, Teddy introduces us to his wonderful voice that has range, character and warmth, captivating the listener right from the start. The music is then further aided by the video that has been done brilliantly: utilising a split screen to really drive home the message of the song in comparing two scenarios. We particularly enjoyed the commitment to the video, with special effects, acting, and storyline that made this an absolute joy to discover.

With this being the debut single from Teddy, we’re incredibly excited to hear more music and watch more accompanying music videos in the future.

Teddy Clarke: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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