“Muddy Beach” by TUYS

Utilising a powerful, fuzzy bass to underpin their sound and adding delightful, bright guitar melodies, TUYS have made a lasting impression and won us over as fans of their bold and distinguished sound.

Particular attention should be on the clever use of dynamics throughout the song as the band contrast louder sections with quieter moments, thereby maximising the sonic impact on the listener and keeping your ears hooked and rewarding your undivided attention. The vocal style varies and adds yet another dimension to the song, acting as yet another instrument whilst narrating the song – at times we felt we could hear some distant similarities with the likes of the British band Superfood, we imagine that a gig line-up featuring both bands would be utterly spectacular.

Turning our focus to the video, this is an artistic creation in its own right. The levels of creativity and talent on display here are truly remarkable: the vision that TUYS have in their music is brought to life even more so by the visuals that deliver their own story alongside the lyrics. The painted faces, dancing, and overall plot all works together exceptionally well and provides a masterclass for artists in how to create an engaging and thoroughly memorable video.

TUYS: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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