Music Highlights #13

“Disturbed Suburbia” by Moon Walker
Evidently we’re fans of Moon Walker, having featured them quite consistently on this blog. This song serves as a great example of why we love them: politically-charged lyrics that are filled with apt observations of society and are paired with groovy, fuzz-laden bass lines and wah-treated guitar. An entertaining video, naturally, adds to the delivery.
Moon Walker: Facebook

“LASSITUDE” by looking for a name
Another incredible release from the French duo who have firmly cemented themselves as ones-to-watch through their visually-captivating, and fun-filled, videos and musical talent that showcases fabulous vocals, astonishing band chemistry, and creativity that all comes together in the form of brilliant songs.
looking for a name: Facebook

“Kicks” by Crawford Mack
An intriguing introduction – both musically and visually – draws you in, thanks in part to Crawford’s characterful voice which really shines as each chorus washes over you with all of its powerfully melodic hooks. The joyful video, combined with the distinctive musical personality, makes this a true under-the-radar music gem that deserves widespread recognition.
Crawford Mack: Facebook

“Hologram” by Ocean Flaws
A solid song with crisp production and a huge chorus, this band know how to write big hooks whilst also posing the thought-provoking question of: ‘Could technology ever extinguish human interaction?’. The band continue to state that: “even now, you will likely spend 20% of your life, or 15 years, watching television in silence. As we live out our larval lives in ligated apartment blocks, ladling Netflix into our minds, Marx’s true opiate of the masses is coming into focus”. We’re a fan of both the music & its message, hence the inclusion in our highlights.
Ocean Flaws: Facebook

“Starlight” by State of Illusion
Operatic vocals soar against a backdrop of powerful, and technically-proficient, guitar riffs – resulting in a majestic slice of metal paired with a great music video. Although we don’t always mention it, we love well-executed metal releases, and this is a superb song that should do well in relevant music circles.
State of Illusion: Facebook

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