“Drivin’ Me Crazy” by Nav’s Hook

“Drivin’ Me Crazy” by Nav’s Hook is a song packed with feeling and character thanks, in part, to the warm subtly-husky vocals that really add a tonne of personality to this release.

The groovy, blues-rock song has country influences which further adds another dimension to it, making for a well-rounded song with universal appeal as fans of all genres should find something in it to get them hooked. The driving bass, warm organ, and solid percussion all work together to create a sound that is constantly moving, thus making for a great driving song that could easily be included on those ‘driving songs’ compilations CD’s that make for a great road trip soundtrack.

A final highlight comes in the form of the video that shows the rolling road, the eye-catching artwork, and provides the lyrics for you to singalong too as well.

Nav’s Hook: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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