“Okarito Ways” by Larry Mindel

“Okarito Ways” by Larry Mindel is a delightful jazz/folk ballad that showcases his signature sound and fits seamlessly into his growing discography; this latest release will therefore please existing fans whilst also impressing first-time listeners far and wide.

Dissecting the song, its key components are clear to hear: Larry’s warm vocals lead the way whilst the bright piano melodies and gentle jazz-infused basslines further grow the song and open up the sonic spectrum for the listener to enjoy. With such a strong foundation it is then the job of the lyrics to delivery the story – in this way Larry specifically mentions the names of several bird species, such as spoonbills, kingfishers, and herons, all adding to the charm and distinctly-British character of the song (partly in thanks to Britain’s abundance of wildlife and association with nature, thanks to organisations such as the RSPB and National Trust).

With the video featuring footage taken around the Suffolk Broads, this really carries a proper East Anglian vibe to it – rather fitting considering the recent focus on Suffolk through the Netflix film ‘The Dig’ (released January 2021) about the archaeological excavation of Sutton Hoo. Having said this, however, it is worth noting that the song is about the lagoon – Okarito Ways – in New Zealand and, if you watch the video all the way through, Larry highlights the environmental challenges that the lagoon currently faces. In addition to these shots, we also appreciate the footage of Larry playing the piano and singing as it reminds the viewer of his musical talents and, we imagine, excites musicians and gig-goers at the prospect of future live shows from Larry as live opportunities return.

Overall, this is a warm and uplifting song perfectly suited for the autumnal atmosphere as it offers delightfully soothing melodies that offer assurance despite the darker evenings.

Larry Mindel: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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