“Family Tree” by Jiminil

Released in September, and paving the way for an album, “Family Tree” by Jiminil is a fantastically dark folk song that features brooding vocals, haunting string accompaniment, and atmospheric guitar playing driven by smooth legato licks.

Layers of beautifully-crafted melodies work together to create a wonderfully textured song that superbly demonstrates Jiminil’s creativity and musicianship, resulting in a modern song that stays true to its music heritage and style. In addition to the song is the engaging music video that further adds to the depth of the music, adding a brilliant visual narrative that truly piques your interest and maintains your curiosity throughout.

To be absolutely blunt, this is truly a musical gem: the song’s composition is fantastic and the music video is a great example of what artists can achieve. If the song and video are anything to go by then we can expect great things in the near future for Jiminil.

Jiminil: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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