“Pages” by Alas de Liona

Possessing a crystal-like voice, Alas de Liona has left a lasting impression on us with her song “Pages” – a melancholy-yet-beautiful indie/pop delight that is paired with an equally impressive music video.

Greeted by gentle, soothing synth melodies, the listener is quickly put at ease by the soft introduction. This opening is made even sweeter when Alas’ vocals enter the mix; her bright, clear voice immediately takes centre stage and becomes the backbone of the song, holding the entire piece together with delicate, yet confident, skill. This is exemplified by the way in which the song then grows by carefully adding extra sonic layers, such as percussion, thus subtly building towards the final, emotive lines of the song.

Of course, whilst music fans can appreciate the song for its musicianship, there is also a stunning music video that adds to the captivating quality of this release. Being quite straightforward in nature, this prevents oneself from being distracted too much, therefore allowing you to fully enjoy the song in its own right. To fully appreciate both the song and video, we’d recommend a few repeat viewings; let yourself be absorbed by both the group performance as well as the direct, heartfelt delivery that Alas gives. On this note, we highly praise the way in which Alas’ gaze seems to pierce the camera directly, giving the impression of both being confident and comfortable in front of the camera, as well as an awareness of connecting directly with music fans watching the video from all over the world.

A thoroughly superb song that will win Alas de Liona many new fans worldwide as she continues on her upward trajectory.

Alas de Liona: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Website
Original Photo Credit: Gaelle Beri

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