“Carefree” by Lissy Taylor

British artist, Lissy Taylor, has truly impressed us (and others) with the release of this spectacular song titled “Carefree“; a well-polished, anthemic indie-pop gem that displays Lissy’s amazing voice, direct lyrical delivery, and talent for writing songs with powerful pop hooks.

The song opens with an enticing guitar line treated with a fitting dose of spring-reverb and further bolstered by the presence of the accompanying bass guitar, both working together to create an intro that could draw comparisons to the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen. Listeners are then thrown a delightful curveball courtesy of Lissy’s stunning vocals that are full of character; possessing a style and tone that further elevates the song and truly takes ownership of her distinctive sound. Last, but certainly by no means least, Lissy really knows how to write a chorus: it’s short, catchy, and perfectly made for music fans to join in with regardless of the setting; we can easily picture people belting out the chorus at a gig/concert as well as in the comfort of their own home, with the chorus becoming a mantra in its own right.

In respect to the video, we love the hybrid approach of combining the onscreen lyrics with filmed footage and still images. This imaginative style helps to reinforce the lyrics and to emphasise the message behind the song, whilst also providing a visually-engaging video that works incredibly well with the music.

This is a true gem of a discovery, so treat yourself to a listen and keep an eye out for Lissy performing live near you as she embarks on an upcoming tour.

Lissy Taylor: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube
Original Photo Credit: Natalie Willatt

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