“Way Back Home” by Samuel Andryk

Samuel Andryk’s latest single, “Way Back Home“, is absolutely gorgeous and brilliantly showcases his distinctive vocal talents and heartfelt songwriting abilities, culminating in an beautiful song that is bound to make waves in the right circles.

The sound of background traffic makes the first impression upon the listener; adding a sense of organic grit that contrasts incredibly well with the naturally-polished vocals and clean acoustic-guitar sound that is captured on record. The cityscape sounds fade out and are replaced by Samuel’s breathtaking vocals which take centre-stage and demand your undivided attention as he delivers the moving lyrics that feel honest and authentic, making you truly believe that he’s written the whole song straight from the heart. As such, Samuel’s music washes over you with its soothing melodies and genuinely connects with you – in some ways this can be likened to feelings of spirituality and is wonderfully refreshing to experience.

Listening to this gem, we found ourselves truly moved. Having such an impact upon us would lead us to draw comparisons to the likes of Ddavid Ramirez and Will Varley, both of whom also have a similar way with words and music that results in such musical treasures as this song. If it’s not already apparent, we’re hugely impressed by Samuel’s release and feel compelled to declare ourselves to now be fans of his sound. Consequently, we highly recommend that you treat yourself to a listen via the embedded link below. Enjoy!

Samuel Andryk: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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