Music Roundup #39

“Late Night Launderette” by Guy Davis: a truly remarkable debut single that combines the storytelling of Bruce Springsteen with the updated indie approach of Sam Fender, creating something new that adheres to Guy’s own sound and identity. In terms of the music, the driving beat of the drums immediately adds an energy that continually propels the song forwards, allowing the guitars to take a more ambient approach as they add shimmering chords and glistening melodies – perfectly capturing the spirit of summer evening drives where the sun paints the sky in glorious shades of pastel orange. A superb song that will be a launchpad for Guy, guaranteed to win him fans… we’ll be eagerly anticipating future releases!


“Get Back To Myself” by Wynona: an immaculate song that skilfully treads the line between lo-fi music and polished indie, resulting in a song that is quintessential bedroom pop with hints of 90’s rock and Britpop (with a Blur/Graham Coxon leaning). Opening with quick guitar riff, the song wastes no time and hits the ground running as the vocals almost immediately begin delivering the lyrics as jagged guitar stabs punctuate the lo-fi synth melodies. From here the song continues to grow in swagger and throws in some musical surprises – much to our delight – bringing some fabulously-fuzzy guitar into the mix two-thirds of the way through, before allowing for a chilled outro. A great song by this exciting duo – fans of Courtney Barnett should flock to hear Wynona’s music.


“Summer 2020” by Gecko Club: another fantastic song that embodies those wonderful summer vibes that we’re currently living for; not only is this song full of positivity, but it bookends this music roundup article in style, very much being the icing on the cake for these three music discoveries. Turning our attention back to the music, the song delivers an incredible reggae sound that makes it impossible to resist: it’s an instant mood-lifter that sweeps you off your feet as the joy floods through your body, washing away any troubles you previously had. Further praise has been reserved for the glorious middle-eight that then becomes a bit more indie/pop, as the band effortlessly infuse different influences – we love this surprise and the effect it has on the listener. A genuine dose of magic right from the start.

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