“Tell Me Who I Am” by Hanne Kah

“Tell Me Who I Am” by Hanne Kah: a beautiful song that touches the heart with its sincerity, whilst the music video delivers a very relevant message of self-love and self-acceptance. We love both the song and video and recommend that everyone give both a watch/listen.

The vocal harmonies of Hanne Kay instantly make an impression as they meld both natural voices and electronically-filtered vocals together in the mix, creating a neo-folk sound that seems to effortlessly draw influence from electronic genres; we found this to be both creative and refreshing, thus captivating us right from the moment we first heard it. The mid-paced tempo, supported by acoustic guitar, allows the song to leave a lasting impression on the listener as it slowly, but warmly, delivers its message. Overall, this is a thoroughly lovely song that is a real treat for music fans of all ages and backgrounds.

“‘Tell Me Who I Am’ deals with all internal struggles and insecurities everybody experiences in life. It is a song about finding out who you really are, about being happy with yourself and about having people accompany you on your journey.” – Hanne Kah

Hanne Kah: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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