Interview: Pylons

We love your new song “The Chase”. What is the story behind the song and how did you create/write it? Also, what inspired the song title?
Thank you! The song was written about a year and a half ago before the whole pandemonium of the pandemic really hit, which I think makes it even authentic. We had the bones of the riff down and then sought to add context to it, a lot of our songs have its genesis that way. Living in the capital is a constant 100 mph battle that you’re struggling to win, so in a way the title is a homage to everyone who feels burnt out by the unrelenting demands that life throws at you.

If you had to describe your sound, how would you do so? Furthermore, what artists (or other sources) do you cite as influences.
We’ve undergone a bit of a transformation in the last couple of years. Some of our early material almost bordered on folk-driven dream pop. Now though I’d say we’re deep rooted in indie rock, throwing splashes of electronica and nuances of pop at the walls and seeing what sticks. I wouldn’t say we have a specific genre pool we dive into, we’re all kids at heart so we treat it like a sonic pick and mix.

What have been career highlights so far? And what is on your bucket list that you’d want to achieve?
The guys played Glastonbury before I joined (unfortunately), so obviously for them that would be a massive career highlight. I think selling out my first sold out show in Lincoln would have to be up there, knowing that all those people wanted to listen to stuff we’ve created, it’s pretty rewarding.
Brixton Academy is a venue we’d love to play at some point in our lives, it’s probably one of the best atmospheres of any venue I’ve ever been to.

If you could be the main support for any living artist, who would that be for and why? Alternatively, what would be your dream live booking?
Biffy Clyro have been a massive influences on a lot our stuff, most of us have followed them since the Blackened Sky days and their shows are always electrifying so being a part of that would be amazing.

What artists have you been listening to? Additionally, who should others be listening to?
Between us we’re a bit of a varied bunch in terms of our listening preferences. I’ve been rinsing this Australian rapper Allday for the past month, Barny pretty much listens to everything under the sun. Alex can go from Death Grips to Carly Ray Jepson in one shuffle, Joe loves his new music Friday’s and Joey is as eclectic as the rest of us. Midlight are ones of watch for sure, as are our pals Vigilantes, it’s a good time for music at the moment that’s for sure.

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