“Liberté je t’aime” by Diogo Ramos feat Bïa

“Liberté je t’aime” by Diogo Ramos feat Bïa: an immensely charming song that truly lifts the spirits and fills one with overwhelming joy. The mix is fabulous, skilfully balancing the vocals, percussion, and melodies perfectly – a genuine achievement when working with so many instruments and channels. The whole song resonates with an authentic feeling of jubilation that transcends time and space; anyone listening or watching this song/video can experience a dose of Latin America, no matter where they actually are.

The enchanting video works incredibly well too: it’s wonderful watching the musicians play as others dance on the rooftop during a summer evening. It makes us yearn for a carefree summer without any concerns about the pandemic. But, when the times arrives, we’re sure it’ll be well-worth the wait. Diogo Ramos: Instagram | Spotify

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