“Hour After Hour” by Magon

“Hour After Hour” by Magon: a superbly mellow song with a slight avant-garde nature and hints of Rodriguez; the forthright approach is refreshing to hear and the highly descriptive lyrics make this a very evocative song that paints a vivid picture in the mind’s eye of the listener. The subdued guitars are almost bohemian with aspects of jazz-rock present – subtly sitting in the mix, they allow the vocals to become the focus of the song, delivering the lyrics in a no-nonsense narrative. A finishing touch of the song comes from the lead guitar melodies, which are also minimalist but incredibly effective; they draw the listener in with their irresistible lead lines.

A delightful music video further complements the song as it provides a fittingly colourful visual narrative accompanying the lyrics. We love animated videos, and this is right up our street: the combination of music and animation had us hooked from start to finish. Magon: Instagram | Spotify

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