“Shadows of Fire” by InHibit

“Shadows of Fire” by InHibit: full of character with an engaging music video to match. This song by Belgian artist, Inhibit, utilises a rhythmic bass melody to create an infectious groove that works its way into your mind. Extra colour is added by volume swells that bear hints of possible influence from the Prog-Rock band Yes – specifically their song ‘Roundabout‘. Additional bursts of guitar, drenched in phaser and/or flanger effects (real guitar effects pedals, we assure you), keep the listener on their toes. This all results in a rich sonic sound that has its own music identity; being proudly different, whilst still being relevant to a wide audience.

Regarding the video, we love the social commentary that it provides; taking aim at the dependency culture of social media and the growth of inferiority complexes. The music works with the visuals impeccably well, and InHibit deserves high-praise for the creativity behind the video.
InHibit: Instagram | Spotify

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