“Nights to Remember” by Morpheus Project/Mustafa Khetty

“Nights to Remember” by Morpheus Project/Mustafa Khetty: an impressive Prog-Rock song that, in typical Prog-Rock fashion, superbly displays the skilled musicianship of each member – in the case of this song, we’re treated to a visual presentation of this talent through the filming of the studio sessions.

The guitars are powerful, yet melodic and show virtuoso speed, dexterity and creativity throughout, though they especially shine during solo sections. A striking moment takes place when the vocals are introduced; singer Onur Çobanoğlu has the range and character of an operatic vocalist, this adds an extra dimension to the band, and also offers some potential theatrical elements – we can imagine this works particularly well in a live setting. Finally, the arrangement is truly praiseworthy: achieving a composition that flows so smoothly is a remarkable feat, balancing all the intricate layers of instrumentation is a task in itself – fortunately this has been accomplished.
Morpheus Project/Mustafa Khetty: Instagram | Spotify

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