“Tear Us Apart” by Honeyflux

“Tear Us Apart” by Honeyflux: utterly magnificent music that makes for an incredibly impressive debut. Focussing solely on the music for now (we’ll mention the music video separately), the song is forever moving; dynamic fluctuations are implemented playfully and creatively, whilst the variants in phrasing cleverly alter the pace. The vocals are full of character and display a promising range; this works fantastically with the guitar, as both the vocal and guitar melodies start sweetly and tentatively, before progressively becoming bolder in nature as the song evolves.

As for the video, it is a stunningly creative visual story that incorporates light-hearted humour and displays huge amounts of personality. This is wonderfully refreshing, as some music videos can suffer from being too sombre – Honeyflux instead give a fine example of how to create an engaging music video, that is a joy to watch and doesn’t take itself too seriously. We firmly believe that Honeyflux have heaps of potential, and will be ones to watch. Honeyflux: Facebook | Instagram

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