Music Roundup #13

“The Coal Miner’s Daughter” by Kip Macklejar: a bold electric-guitar riff introduces this song, taking hold of the listener instantly. This modern Blues-Rock gem then begins in earnest with driving bass providing the gutsy low-end needed to give this a gigantic sound. Filtered vocals then deliver the song narrative, drawing inspiration, most likely, from the golden age of Classic Rock with straight-up attitude and talent: there’s no fancy glossing over at all, instead the demonstrates the power of solid songwriting & musicianship.


“Peach Stone” by Indoor Foxes: Glorious Indie-Pop with elements of Shoegaze. The introduction has a groove that hooks any listener and draws them in, ready for the vocals to join. The vocals have vast amounts of character, which could become an iconic sound for Indoor Foxes . This could provide a winning formula, as fans of Kid Wave may have found their new hero and successor.


“Not Your Fight” by Stay Lunar: one of our favourite bands that had us captivated when we first heard their debut single released last year; now they release their fourth single demonstrating remarkable consistency in their quality of music and songwriting. Smooth production with layers of synth and guitar create an ambient atmosphere, whilst dreamy vocals give it that iconic Stay Lunar sound. Another gem by a band with significant potential.

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