Interview: The Super Pumas

Scottish ‘Grunge/Pop/Rock’ trio, The Super Pumas took the opportunity to talk to us, offering insights into the Scottish music scene, their music ambitions and their songwriting process for their most recent song.

Your latest single “Dead Beat Path” has just been released. What’s the story behind the song? How was it written, and what inspired it?
It was written in 5 mins. Started with the riff and then the rest just fell out the old think box. When we played it at first it had a slightly different groove that just didn’t sit right. Div changed it up a bit and played it in more of a straight style which gave it a more driving feel. I do like the change of the bass in the chorus when it changes to a C and the guitar stays on A-minor, giving it a more uplifting feel.
Lyrically, I wanted to keep the verses short and still be meaningful and then have the chorus lift and carry the tune. Ultimately, the idea of the lyric at the beginning is describing the feeling of being lost, aimless and feckless and to then use the chorus as someone trying to get back to that happy place. Almost like, treading oil stained water until you see the clear sea where life opens up and ideas, dreams and aspirations all become tangible once more. In short, guy is sad and wants to find happiness once again.

How would you describe the Scottish music scene? What Scottish artists deserve more attention?
The Scottish Music Scene before all this virus stuff was on fire to be honest. It’s so varied that it doesn’t really matter what your “thing” is, each scene, ranging from the metal scene to the post punk scene, indie to even traditional have such quality acts within. I think close attention should be made to the Scottish music scene as a whole. I feel it’s very predictable to know who will be getting pushed next etc, it always kind of bucks a trend. There are excellent bands putting out excellent stuff that don’t particularly fit a scene or trend and I feel sometimes it’s easy to overlook these guys.

Dead Beat Path – Artwork

What would be on your band bucket list? What goals do you have as a band?
We would love to play in the Barras. That’s the ultimate venue right there. At this stage (Covid times) it would be great to play anywhere to be honest. Our Aim is just to keep busy, writing and recording and firing out new singles on a regular basest and hopefully gain a larger following so that when the time comes, we can get out there and smash out energy packed sets for lots of gig starved people.

If you could be the main support for any living artist, who would that be for and why?
Biffy! (Mon the F’n Biff) They’re from a part of the world not so far from ourselves and to see how they have made their way through the different stages of their career and with each album pushing things forward is inspiring. Also, they seem like a good laugh and we’d get to see Biffy from the side of the stage which, with that sound, would no doubt make a parting of any hair follicles you may have from head to trotter.

What artists have you been listening to? Additionally, who should others be listening to?
Lee: I’ve been listening to Spiritbox and you should too. Probably one of my favourite female vocalists that I’ve only recently discovered, its braw as F.

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