“Run Away” by AstroVoyager

Multifaceted 2019 Independent Music Award Nominee, AstroVoyager, is Philippe Fagnoni: French composer, performer, electronic music producer and the man behind this new, unique and impressive single, “Run Away”. 

There is something fascinating and inescapable about AstroVoyager’s experimental conflation of classical and electronic music. “Run Away” blasts off with no time to waste: stunning stabs, expansive synths and glorious guitar chords. Subsequently are the tense and thrilling synth eighth notes filling the anticipating space. Both are the making of a superb musical score. 

The most successful and ingenious part of the experimentalism, here, is the dual vocal melody delivered by the beautiful voice of Anne-Lyse Regalado (which reminds me somewhat of Shakira!) and the epic violin section. Simply amazing; I am running out of adjectives. 

The drums are crisp, tight and well-defined, executing exciting and suitable fills in the opening of this musical odyssey. The groove piloting the verses is solid and just exquisite in sound: the snare is beautiful; the kick drum is emphatic; the hi-hats are glistening. In terms of how the drums are played and produced, they are the best I have heard for a very, very long time. 

Fagnoni is restless in his quest to test and expand the limitations of not only musical genres but also our conventional conceptualisations of what musical genres could or should be. For instance, the stunning score Fagnoni orchestrates challenges if musical genres – in this case, classical and electronic – can form a profitable alliance before he navigates how they might interact with one another. The result is gorgeous: this single, synths in conversation with violins.  

Seriously impressive, I urge you to listen deeply to Fagnoni’s work via Spotify as well as the music video both linked below. 

Stunning. Truly stunning. 

AstroVoyager: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram
Original Photo Credits: AstroVoyager

Author: Harry Lowery (Instagram: @_hkglowery_)

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