“Theda” by Wednesday’s Child

Hailing from London, Wednesday’s Child are the quaint and quirky five piece who welcome us into a rich and raucous whirlwind of psychedelic rock, punk and jazz fusion with their most recent number, “Theda”.

Alluding to Theda Bara, American actress esteemed as one of the most popular in the silent era and as one of cinema’s earliest sex symbols (I digress…), Wednesday’s Child are audacious and unapologetic in their sound. 

Primary songwriters Emily Roberts and Georgia Williams, who forged alliance during the various lockdowns, name an august range of influences, from The Beatles to Patti Smith, which – resoundingly, and undoubtedly – expounds the lawless and tameless style of their musical jacquerie, which is what is to be loved here. 

“Theda” is completely unpredictable, and for that we owe Wednesday’s Child thanks and laudation. The five piece invite us on a journey which transitions through their experimentalism and conflation of musical genres, calling to mind the psychedelic ambience of Mac DeMarco, the brash bass and grunge guitar of Wolf Alice and the bewitching vocal delivery of Courtney Love.

When all these elements – the gorgeous guitar work, the unforgettable vocals, the driving drums – collide, we have a truly distinctive and deserving musical identity. 

Transfixing. Compelling. 

Wednesday’s Child: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram
Original Photo Credits: Wednesday’s Child

Author: Harry Lowery (@hkglowery)

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