“She Drives Me Crazy” by President Street

Hailing from Melbourne (Australia), President Street are Ruby and Pete who return with their latest single, “She Drives Me Crazy”: an exciting fusion of genre pastiches and dance euphoria.

The single commences and first calls to mind the jubilant groove that fronts “Your Girlfriend” by Blossoms: the driving drumbeat; the bouncing bass; the playful percussion – all the elements requisite for a stunning summer single. 

The duo, having recently completed a tour across the United Kingdom supporting Roachford, experiment with the components of dance, pop, synth pop and indie comprising their latest effort. Expect exciting synths reminiscent of Calvin Harris, a robust and commandeering drum section which glances to Daft Punk and well-delivered vocals which, at times, echo the melody of that in Whitney Houston’s anthem, “How Will I Know”. 

Esteemed as ‘ones to watch’ by The Daily Express, Essentially Pop and Headliner, President Street dazzle us with a hook you could hear in any club as people carouse all night long. 

President Street take great care with their work: the structure is well-balanced with airy, dreamy verses filled with gorgeous sounds and effects which precede powerful choruses nothing short of addictive and anthemic. The stark guitar chords of the middle eight do, conversely, announce themselves as somewhat abrasive; however, the final climax of this single is lofty and grand. 

You will find your foot tapping along to the beat of President Street. 

President Street: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram
Original Photo Credits: President Street

Author: Harry Lowery (Instagram: @_hkglowery_)

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