“Selfishly Indulgent” by Georgia Parker

Georgia Parker first appeared on our radar with her fantastic song “Did You Get The Feeling?” and immediately won us over as fans. The single that followed, “Selfishly Indulgent“, was equally superb and maintained the incredible consistency of her work. We have to admit that, whilst this song was released at the end of August, we have only just gotten written our review – however, good music is timeless and we sincerely hope that you discover this gem of a song and use it as a gateway to hear Georgia’s growing discography.

Jumping into the song, Georgia throws us a curveball with an introduction that pretends to go one way but quickly changes its tone and style. The guitarwork and light percussion instantly captivates the listener and, when the vocals enter the mix, one can’t help but be entranced by the rich sound of this song. The heartfelt lyrics are insightful and feel both deep and honest; the emotions are clear to hear in the vocals which then further add to the beauty of this song and results in a song that sounds genuine – this, in our opinion, makes for a fresh and original song that really showcases Georgia’s array of musical talent. For us, hearing a song so sincere as this, yet with immaculate production quality that brings it all together, is a truly refreshing experience and is exactly what music fans far and wide will love.

Georgia Parker: Instagram | Spotify

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