“The Same Street” by Jamie Orr

A strong, and catchy, bassline introduces this brilliant song by Jamie Orr, whilst equally-strong and melodic vocals join in very quickly too, though show their true potential once the chorus hits, by which point we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Jamie’s fantastic vocals deliver straightforward, though relatable, lyrics alongside a subtly rich background; his guitarwork is great but, wisely, it doesn’t distract from the song, instead adding tasteful embellishments throughout to keep you guessing what it coming next. Another creative idea was the use of some warm electronic sounds skilfully added, bringing some almost-sci fi or futuristic elements to the song though, importantly, they worked well within the mix, adding something different and fresh.

We assure all listeners that they’ll be hitting the replay button once the song ends as this song demands repeat listens thanks to its superb production quality, feel-good rock character, and big melodic hooks.

Jamie Orr: Facebook | Instagram

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