Music Highlights #18

“Rockets” by Bare Jams
Opening with a burst of brass and percussion, this song quickly makes a first impression with its fun, upbeat style which juxtapose the darker lyrics. The energy of this song and brass arrangement will entice you to dance along though: it’s too much of a challenge to resist that magical groove that this song has.
Bare Jams: Facebook & Instagram

“Benny’s Blues” by Amitai Mann
Soothing clarinet leads the way in this instrumental piece that will instantly put you at ease upon listening. The bass tones of the clarinet lead the way whilst tasteful accordion gives an artistic richness to this song and, if you were to close your eyes, could tempt you into pretending to be a Parisienne walking through the streets of Paris with this as your chosen soundtrack. A thoroughly lovely composition.
Amitai Mann: Facebook & Instagram

“Green” by Avonlea
Bright piano lines open this emotional pop song that delightfully showcase Avonlea’s powerful vocals that deliver a melodic-yet-raw performance which, combined with the lyrics, results in a heartfelt song full of feeling. The beautiful piano combined with Avonlea’s spectacular vocals make for a winning musical combination.
Avonlea: Facebook & Instagram

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