“Rescue” by Scarlet Joy

Prepare yourself for this fantastic alternative rock/grunge-fuelled single – “Rescue” by Lincolnshire-based power trio Scarlet Joy – the band’s latest release and the second single from their upcoming debut album titled ‘Mourning Pages’.

A ferocious introduction, packed with energy, opens the song in style. This sonic storm utilises a key grunge trick of loud and quiet contrasts, as such the initial burst softens as the lyrics begin, which gives breathing room in the mix for singer, Sophia’s, vocals to take centre stage. Scarlet Joy continue to use dynamics throughout the song to add further texture to the sound, using it to the extent of varying the energy and adjusting the emphasis on specific passages – this skilful use of dynamics works a treat and keeps the listener’s ears guessing as to what will come next.

The energy of the song is well-matched by the live-shot style music video, which gives viewers a hint of what the band’s live show could be which will then help to persuade new fans to catch Scarlet Joy live at the next possible chance. The setting of the video is gritty, which is a great fit for the alt-rock/grunge vibes and, with the room seeming to be quite small, makes for a close-up and personal music video that introduces the band to viewers as it gives both the collective band, and each member, the shared spotlight. A very tasteful video paired with a great song!

Scarlet Joy: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter || Original Photography: Greg Smith
Scarlet Joy are Sophia Woodcraft (vocals & guitar); Drew Moore (drums); and Tom Latham (bass).

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