Music Highlights #15

“Vazio” by Jambow Jane
Fantastic vocals are accompanied by a big-band sound throughout this song that seems to grow in stature with each passing second. The title itself (‘Vazio’), we’ve been told, stands for ’empty’ or ‘void’. This gives some context to the range of emotions on display in the video and, we feel, gives additional depth to the song. A fabulous summer song perfect for your playlists.
Jambow Jane: Facebook & Spotify

“Mary Jane” by The Bifters
The Bifters show they have character, flair, and the music-writing chops needed to turn heads in the modern world. This song, and video, gives a great introduction to the band and will have you hooked with their sense of fun and tidy lyricism. A solid rock song that takes old school influences and gives it an update.
The Bifters: Facebook & Spotify

“Halley’s Comet / Fire On Fire” by Magon”
Two great songs are packed into one live recorded video by Magon. As existing fans of Magon’s diverse discography, our interest is always piqued by each new release as we’ve found that the songs and video tend to be very creative and artistically confident. This proves to be the case here and, as such, we urge you to watch/listen this song.
Magon: Facebook & Spotify

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