Music Highlights #16

“Orbit L2” by The Carrie Armitage Quartet
A perfect song, in our humble opinion. We love everything about this and have been captivated by the magnificent musician from the first time we heard this gem. We can’t get enough plays of this song and, with it being part of an album, we strongly recommend you listen to the full discography. Utterly incredible music.
The Carrie Armitage Quartet: Facebook & Spotify

“On and On” by Night Talks
We have a winning combination here: incredibly powerful vocals, a huge sound from the band, and a brilliantly fun music video. We love the energy and are very impressed by how big the song sounds thanks to its amazing production and mix. After watching the video, and listening to the song, we guarantee that this will be amongst your new favourite music discoveries.
Night Talks: Facebook & Spotify

“Come Alive” by Phoenix Lake
Fans of heavier music are for a one hell of a treat here from Phoenix Lake. This song is, quite frankly, superb. The production quality is incredible, which allows each instrument – and especially the vocals – to sound both powerful and clear throughout the song resulting in a hard-hitting song with both tones of energy and catchy melodies.
Phoenix Lake: Facebook & Spotify

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