“Always Late” by The Horn

“Always Late” is the second single by London-based indie-rockers The Horn and, through its mellow vibes, shows a band that are capable of depth and diversity with their sound as they explore different sonic textures with each release.

A slow, dreamy introduction entices the listener through the sweet melodic guitar lines and organically rich vocals that are raw and authentic in style. The song peacefully ambles along as the band paint a sonic canvas, gently adding in extra layers of sound that weave in and out of the mix, much like the ebb and flow of the tide; in a similar way, The Horn create a comparable tranquillity throughout this song, soothing the listener with their calming serenity.

This is the first time that we’ve listened to The Horn are we’re grateful for having them appear on our radar and for gracing our ears with their music. We’ve loved hearing “Always Late” and encourage anyone on the lookout for new music to go and listen to this song straightaway to treat your eardrums to something fresh and different – enjoy!

Lyricist, Nick True, divulges how the song came about: “I am always late to literally everything, it’s because I’m always doing two things at once and so is Jonny, so I started to write it about me then midway through I made it about us both. That was a fun thing to do, so when I first played it to Jonny [Taylor] he laughed and then helped me polish it. We have such a great writing vibe – we sit down together and just bounce off each other, adding and deleting lines, words, chords and sections and at the end look back at what we did and have a drink to celebrate it. I read recently how Paul McCartney said he and John Lennon used to always come up with something; it’s the same with me and Jonny, somehow we always come up with something, it’s not always good of course, but sometimes we are happy and ‘Always Late’ was one of those happy moments.”

Additionally, the band’s vocalist and guitarist Jonny Taylor, offers another perspective: “When I first heard Nick sing and play it on guitar, I knew it was a hit, so we figured out the rest and I went home and made a demo version of it in my flat in my rudimentary set up. The production for me needed to be lazy synths and tender acoustic guitars that weren’t going anywhere in a hurry, like Nick. The track needed to sound ‘late’. Danny [Monk] and I are always waiting for Nick at the studio on recording days — but often I’ll turn it around and be the late one too, so it was a perfect song to play with Nick together onstage.  But, it’s a pure song from him. Again, I think it proves simple songs are the most arresting.”

The Horn: Instagram

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