“Lucky So And So” by Tom Donald

“Lucky So And So” by Tom Donald, is a real retro summer gem that makes for a perfect song to soundtrack any music lover’s summer evening. As a newly-discovered song, fresh on our radar, we find that its release has been well-timed – as such, we wish to share the song here, along with some of our thoughts.

Featuring fabulously-rich vocals that emanate a natural warmth, this song has a certain old-school quality to it whereby the vocals very much sit in the spotlight of the mix where they command the centre stage with confidence and skill. Consequently, the instrumentation works well alongside the voice, particularly with the bright guitar melodies and the classic organ notes, these play a supporting role, though do have their moments during instrumental sections where they really shine through.

In terms of tempo, the song sits at a comfortable speed that is quite in keeping with the more traditional aspects of the song’s style. As such, there is a calm charm that, we feel, makes the song work particularly well either at the start of the day or in the evening: for the former, imagine the bright summer sun shining through the curtains and kicking your day off with this song whilst drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Alternatively, for the latter scenario, picture sitting outside on a lovely summer evening as you appreciate a moment of reflection, and then have your optimism captured by this song as it begins playing, unobtrusively, in the background. In either situation, the song makes for a great listening experience. So, we warmly encourage you to go ahead and press play to hear it yourself.

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