“Things Can Only Get Better” by Luke Fraser

Fresh on our new music radar is Luke Fraser, an artist hailing from Kent where he has been steadily working on his upcoming solo ‘Moth Eaten Romeo’ LP. Having been introduced to Luke’s sound through his latest single, “Things Can Only Get Better”, we’ve duly been hooked and have not only been listening to his discography, but have also been delving deeper into Luke’s artistic identity; learning that he cites the likes of Father John Misty, and Neil Young, as musical influences. Furthermore, this release comes as the third single from the upcoming LP, whetting the musical appetite of new, and existing, fans alike.

The song itself is based around a warm, acoustic/indie-folk style with hints of Americana influences, for instance, as the song progresses the listener is treated to banjo melody lines that bring some tasteful bluegrass inflections to the song. Throughout the mix, Luke delivers a rich musical performance with layers of instrumentation slowly increasing in complexity and volume as the song culminates in a slow-building crescendo that washes over the listener, leaving them on a high even after the song has finished. All the while the song has a fresh and characterful vibe at the centre of its sound this, we believe, will result in repeat listens as just once is not enough to take it all in. If pushed to summarise this song, we would do so by saying that it superbly embodies a warm summer evening, with the style conjuring up visions of a red-tinted sky with stars tentatively beginning to appear against the veil of night, meanwhile a fire glows beside you. As such, we invite you to have a listen and add it to your own playlists as a way to soundtrack your own summer this year.

Discussing the song in his own words, Luke states: “I wanted this song to exist as one of those rabbit/duck optical illusions: a joyful song but with a subtle darkness to the lyrics that could alter how you interpret it. I hoped to reflect the ambiguity of the late stages of my previous relationship, where I felt simultaneously hopeful and despairing”

Luke Fraser: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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