“Ennui” by Quiet Tongues

This magnificent debut single, “Ennui”, comes from London-based, alternative-rock band Quiet Tongues and is a hugely impressive song that quickly caught our attention and compelled us to heap praise upon it as one of our newly-discovered favourite songs.

Kicking off with rough vocals that are paired a formidable rhythm section, courtesy of both the powerful bass and pounding percussion, the song initially plays down the lead guitar as the band instead opt to first make sure they have the listener’s full attention – they do in two ways: firstly, Quiet Tongues slowly raise the volume and, secondly, they increase the rich layers heard in the mix; the cumulative effect of this is that, when the song hits the thirty-second mark, the listener is hit full-on by a sonic wave that will have you hooked and will leave the song firmly embedded in your psyche for the next few weeks.

For us, the instrumental sections and big chorus are particularly enthralling: those alt/rock-meets-shoegaze vibes are exactly what we live for and perfectly suit our music tastes; we’d go so far as to say that the style recalls some of our own favourite songs such as “Forget It’s A Dream” by Communions, “Percées de Lumière” by Alcest, “Storms” by Wolf Alice, and large portions of the Kid Wave discography… evidently, we’re already big fans of Quiet Tongues, which is made all the more impressive by the fact that this is their debut single, which leaves us immeasurably excited for whatever future releases they have planned.

It’s quite the challenge to convert, and communicate, our musical excitement in a fully cohesive blog post. If we had to condense our thoughts and feelings, and then summarise this, we would have to say the following: this song is a magnificent debut single that demonstrates Quiet Tongues’ musical prowess and boundless creativity. Here is a song that draws from a wide range of musical genres as influences and, with impressive skill, combines them to create a genuine gem of a song that clocks in at under three-and-a-half-minutes, making it both an adventurous single that cuts through the generic-indie landfill that has, sadly, dominated the airwaves over the last decade, and a song that is still accessible enough for most music fans to fall in love with. Quiet Tongues deliver a masterclass in original songwriting and musical inventiveness… UK bands, take notes; UK listeners, pay attention – here is a band with a bright future.

Quiet Tongues: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | YouTube
Original Photo Credits: Liza Heinrichs & Skip Greig

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