“Titanic” by Men Of North Country

Men Of North Country reel you in through their use of strong melodies that culminate in confidently delivered, irresistible hooks right from the start whilst the driving energy creates a sense of urgency that pairs well with the visual nature of the music video and the equally fitting lyricism. The accompanying brass adds another layer of depth and creativity to proceedings and really help to give the song some extra flavour and keeping it freshly-different amongst the sea of daily new music releases. A particular hook for us comes from the high-pitch vocals in chorus that evoke the harmonies of bands such as America and The Beatles. Evidently, the song and video have both made a lasting impression – we therefore invite you to watch and listen to the music video below.

“Is Titanic a cruise ship or a shipwreck? Is there a difference? Or is it a metaphor for the Western world? Is Titanic a monster blockbuster, or a beautiful stop-motion animated short? Is the band in the clip The Band or a band of walruses? Do Selkies really exist? Titanic was written at a time of confusion and insecurity, when questions arose, and it all seemed to go down the drain. This called for a big vessel. We all need a bigger boat.” – How could anyone resist such a pitch?

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