“The High Life” by Peri Rae

Having been prolifically releasing a steady stream of new music, and immediately winning us over with each song, Peri Rae is an artist that we strong recommend that you become acquainted with as she appears unstoppable thanks to her ferocious work ethic, charming confidence, and sheer quality of her music, both in regards to the amazing lyrics she writes and the wonderful melodies that she weaves, all brought together by her fabulous, characterful voice; it’s this combination that marks Peri as one to be watching throughout 2022.

In regards to this article, we’re focusing on the song “The High Life” – one of the songs five wonderful songs on Peri’s debut EP titled ‘Handing You My Heart’ – and one that should have you hooked from its opening lines that, in the same way it did with us, capture the feelings that many of us experienced all around the UK during the lockdowns. For us, we find it particularly refreshing that such a troubling time is captured by a song that utilises enchantingly rich melodies, beautiful vocals, and angelic choirlike harmonies, thus bringing a post-lockdown positivity to a time that was full of uncertainty.

“I wrote this song during lockdown, I’d just started out as a musician and was suddenly locked inside and my life felt so empty and it felt like the city just didn’t want me. It’s about the pressure on people, and artists to live in London, and how truly hard that is.” – Peri Rae

Listen to the full EP below & support Peri Rae here: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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