“Moonlight” by Kate Keller

Gentle acoustic guitar chords are paired with atmospheric, almost-orchestral synths to introduce this wonderful summer song by Chicago-based musician Kate Keller. After this opening, Kate’s fabulous vocals quickly join in and further captivate the listener as her crystal-clear voice delivers a stunning performance alongside choral layers of vocal harmonies and soft piano melodies.

As the song progresses, it sticks to its laidback pace that further consolidates the feeling of the song being akin to a warm summer’s breeze in spirit, being soft though fleeting. This tempo, though chilled, allows the song to slowly build as additional layers of sound further contribute to the atmosphere it creates as the rich vocals and wide variety of instrumentation work together to create a sonic soundscape that at first seems quite shallow and soft though, after closer inspection, reveals that there are multiple, intricate layers of sound that all seamlessly blend together in a magical way. As such, you have here a perfect song for the summer evenings ahead.

Describing the song herself, what it means to her, and how it came about, Kate explains:
“‘moonlight’ feels like slow dancing on a rooftop under an orange moon, late in the summer. It’s August and the night air is turning cool – warm enough to remain in this place, for a time. Long enough to ignore warnings carried on the breeze of an impending storm. This delicate flame, so carefully maintained, at once is stifled by this downpour. You feel the final kiss of the crackling fire, once raging – now extinguished, alone.”

Kate Keller: Bandcamp | Instagram | Spotify

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