“Vent De Haut” by Mountain Fire

French trio, Mountain Fire, won us over quickly with this fantastically-rich song that features dramatic percussion and beautiful vocal harmonies that, to our ears, could draw comparisons to the group Wildwood Kin – we can only imagine what a superb live pairing that would be, as both bands create atmospheric music that feels magical to any listener.

Bringing our focus back on this song, the listener is greeted by harmonising vocal layers that open the song alongside a chiming guitar melody, the powerful almost-tribal percussion then speaks to something primitive in ourselves; there is something about the sound of those drums that reaches out across the chasms of time to stir something within the soul. This, we feel, is magical and gives the song both a timeless and universal feel to it, as if it’s a call for unity to all people regardless of colour, creed, or language. This feeling continues to grow alongside the song as it too steadily grows towards its climax.

Along with this song, Mountain Fire make this wise statement: “No one is silenced in the face of the world’s fury. We still have the power of our voices.” – this, to us, feels incredibly relevant and we fully resonate with the sentiment.

Mountain Fire: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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