“Feel The Fuzz” by Common Goldfish (Music Video)

Already self-professed fans of Common Goldfish, we were pleased to discover that the accompanying music video for ‘Feel The Fuzz’ has been released which makes for an incredibly fun viewing experience whilst bouncing along to those big Stone Roses / Tame Impala vibes.

The video itself appear to have shot with a DIY ethos, which we love as it adds a feeling of sincerity to the video and makes it feel authentic and honest. In terms of a narrative, the video appears to be a mix of an outside live performance by Common Goldfish at a skatepark, with friends and fans all having a great time. These shots are then interwoven with more contextual footage of the wider area, showing people skate-boarding, BMXing, and creating spray-paint art. This footage is then brought together nicely, with added fish-eye lens shots further fitting into the whole goldfish idea too. Overall, the whole aesthetic works seamlessly and makes for a truly engaging music video that works as a great vehicle to deliver the song which, for us at least, is still on repeat as it makes for a perfect summer evening listen.

Common Goldfish: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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