“Wildflower” by Peri Rae

Peri Rae first burst onto our radar when she sent us her song “Fair Enough” in November 2021 which quickly won us over as fans and made a lasting impression. Since then she has remained a prolific artist, releasing gem after gem that is quickly expanding her ever-growing discography and, evidently, making an impact on the music world – both in terms of building a loyal fanbase and gaining wider industry support.

There’s little point in pinpointing the charm of each individual song when, instead, we can discuss the aspects that each of Peri’s songs appear to share, starting firstly with her fabulous vocals that have both musical range and, importantly, posses a genuine character which helps to make her music instantly recognisable to listeners. A further strength here is then Peri’s songwriting; her lyrics are also full of personality which, to us, means that her music truly stands out amongst the vast sea of digital releases that threatens to submerge music listeners daily.

Focusing a bit more on this specific song, we love the strong-yet-melodic vocals that are perfectly prominent in the mix, allowing the lyrics and narrative to be delivered confidently and clearly without fear of being overshadowed by the layers of instrumentation. Here, we believe, it is worth highlighting the skilled mixing as multiple layers of sound weave their melodies simultaneously, thought never threaten the other, instead they work together smoothly to create a rich, though carefully crafted, sonic foundation through which Peri’s vocals shine through.

As evidenced by our praise this is yet another superb release by Peri Rae who is, rightfully so, becoming one of our favourite artists and someone whom we would love to see continuing to do well. We sense a good year ahead and would be excited to see Peri live at music festivals and/or on tour around the UK.

Peri Rae: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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