“Breakaway” by Lucas Harmon

Greeting the listener with an emotionally-charged and distinctly-characterful vocal performance, Lucas makes an impressive first impression that lingers. British alternative music fans may pick up on a Blaenavon-esque vibe with this song; personally, the vocal style brought to mind Ben Gregory’s singing style, making us do a double-take. This, for us, is a positive thing as it demonstrates a vocal talent where the artist is able to make a solid, and lasting, impression with their musical style and truly own that creative direction.

Moving on from our initial thoughts, the song builds in pace and volume, steadily growing in form to become quite a dramatic pop/rock song that utilises contrasting dynamics to deliver a memorable performance. In this way, Lucas captivates the listener with the accessible chorus, whilst exploring the meaning behind the lyrics in each verse. All of this is then tied together nicely with the fantastic production quality that denotes the clear pop influence.

Discussing the song, Lucas reveals: “I wrote Breakaway about 2 different people I was involved in romantic relationships with. These were not healthy relationships, these two people were very manipulative and did not treat me well. When I was in these relationships it was like the wool was pulled over my eyes though, I would keep coming up with excuses on why I was in the wrong in certain situations, when in reality and with time I soon realised I was not and was completely valid in my emotions.

“Breakaway is a song I wrote when I was finally able to think clearly about these 2 people and finally get my own perspective when it wasn’t being skewed. In a comedic sense I guess you could refer to this song as a “roast” in a way. I tried to put everything I was feeling out in an aggressive a straight forward manner. I held nothing back and tried to explain my thought process without being afraid to speak up. I’m telling myself to breakaway from my habits of getting involved with people that don’t treat me right, while hopefully encouraging others to do the same.”

Lucas Harmon: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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