“Gold Stars” by Sea Legs

Leeds alternative quartet, Sea Legs, are back with another dose of brilliance, continuing their unbroken streak of characterful songs that are defiantly different, offering music fans a sound that embraces bold basslines, colourful guitars, and shimmering synths. If put on the spot we’d liken it to the sound that might be born if Youth Sector & Stay Lunar shared a studio.

If it’s not already clear, we love Sea Legs and have done since hearing their song ‘Favourite Doll‘. What sticks with us is the way in which Sea Legs have a musical vision that they relentlessly pursue, pouring their heart and soul into each release which, to our ears, helps to give their music a personal edge and truly consolidates their musical identity. With this latest single, we can hear their iconically-powerful bass at the heart of the song alongside the lead vocals that are deftly supported by backing vocal harmonies. This song will delight existing Sea Legs fans and will thrill new fans that are introduced to their discography through this single. Before we get too carried away with writing endless exuberant sentences celebrating this musical gem, we recommend that you just dive in and hit the ‘play’ button below to experience it for yourself!

Frontman Tom Saunders describes ‘Gold Stars’ as being about “the urge to get away from wherever you currently are – feeling trapped physically and mentally. Lyrics such as ‘are you gonna leave home?’ and the heavily repeated ‘eating away at me’ are at the heart of the lyrical content. Musically, we wanted something urgent and catchy as a juxtaposition to the thoughtful lyrics”.

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