“This Is Not Your House” by Jamie Knox

Jaunty guitar playing is offset by the minor-key progression that gives the song a suitably dark twist that further emphasises the lyrical content, making for a artistic Brit-Pop style that evokes elements of Blur on their more melancholy material.

Written during one of UK lockdowns, Jamie accurately conveys a sense of urgency, uncertainty, and angst that many listeners will likely relate to. The heartfelt, first-person perspective of the lyrics creates a raw honesty that accurately captures the phenomenon, meaning that this song will likely resonate with a global audience. With the influence behind the song already explored, it’s worth noting how this was written and recorded in one room – we think this helps to give the song a distinctively British feel and charm (hence the mention of the broad genre of Brit-Pop). Overall, this is a song that will be a treat for audiences looking for something refreshingly different from the dull mainstream outlets, instead offering a dose of something truly independent and organic.

Speaking about the stunning new offering ‘This Is Not Your House’, Jamie adds, “This song is simply about situations that you should feel safe and secure in but you just feel anxious. That constant battle that I think a lot of people relate to, where you just want to stop worrying but have no way of stopping and just want other people to understand how you feel so you don’t have to pretend you’re ok all the time. It’s something I think about a lot. I think everyone wants to be able to tell others when they’re not ok but feel they can’t because it’s not considered ‘normal’.”

Jamie Knox: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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